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Memorial / Funeral Services

At Caring Harts Ministry, we understand that this is not an easy time for you and your family now that a loved one has passed away and is taking that journey to the next life beyond.  Having the right kind of farewell is important to what the departed, your family and all others feel is appropriate.  All of our funeral services are conducted with Dignity, Compassion, Respect and Kindness.  By having us officiate at the Memorial, Burial or other activities, you can rest assured of having a minister who will pay tribute to the beauty of the deceased person’s life.  It is our hope that this section of the website answers many of your questions about who we are and how we can make a positive difference in your lives.   Nothing, of  course, can replace a personal phone call or visit to us and as complete as this section may seem, please be aware that there is much more that we can talk about and show you to help make these days comforting productive in dealing with final wishes for your loved one!

Let us begin by mentioning that we offer non-denominational ministry services. What this means to you is that we have a lot of  flexibility in allowing you to bring into a ceremony many of your customs, traditions and rituals that are special and meaningful.  We realize that you were raised in a certain faith, ( as was the departed),  have learned from others and now follow your own path.  Some of what you have been made aware of, you embrace, while there may be other aspects of a particular doctrine that you find does not suit your life style or belief system.  We can help you to include those elements you desire into the service (i.e. A particular Eulogy).  Most individuals find us to be extremely flexible in building ceremonies which encompass different civil or religious beliefs.

We want to be as much or as little a part of this time in your lives as you wish us to be.  Simply put, this means that you can count on us to conduct anything from the most quaint and efficient Memorial style service to Visitations following by Burial and other festivities and and duties and for us to perform.  Grief counseling is also available should this be needed.  Individuals vary according to the degree of religious or non-religious of a ceremony they prefer.  We honor requests for a strictly civil ceremony when preferred.  Both male and female ministers are available.  We graciously work with you.  Survivors of the departed who come to us are frequently of different faiths, cultures, races and backgrounds - we embrace and rejoice at your diversity!