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Marital Counseling

In the past, marital counseling had been widely considered to be the sort of thing that couples went to when the marriage was “on the rocks”.  While it is true that even today many couples do not seek the assistance of a marriage counselor until the “kettle is boiling over” and steps are already being taken toward an eventual divorce, the norm is changing in a new and positive direction.  Many couples recognize the high value placed on mentors, coaches, consultants and counsel for a great many aspect of their lives.  One needs only to stop and look at a great multitude of activities and tasks in life when there is someone there to lend an hand, offer encouragement and give that much needed guidance to see that this point is true.  Who is it who taught you to be a good wife or husband - a parent, a movie, a high school class or nobody at all?  Have you figured that you’d “wing it” and let let love make all  things go right?  There is no shame in in answering “yes” to any of the above.  Unfortunately, there is a real lacking of guidance and teaching of “ the making of a satisfy marriage”.

There is a solution for those looking to create a strong foundation in marriage - regardless of how long they have been thus far married - that being martial counseling.

When you com to a counselor at Caring Harts Ministry, you can be assured of privacy, confidentiality and peace of mind in knowing that we are there for you.  You’ll have all the benefits of individual attention to talk about those issues most troubling and we’ll work together to find solutions that will be acceptable to you both.  Couples may come individually or together as often as you find the value in so doing.  If you are in a crisis, we can help put out the flames so you can both take a breath of fresh air and look at ways to improve your marriage.  You love each other - why let some obstacle that you are not able to move yourselves prevent you from enjoying a lifetime together - we can provide you with new answers that have been thought of by you as of yet.