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Grief Counseling

Whether we are speaking of a child, a parent, grandparent or other who has passed away.  WE ALL HAVE QUESTIONS and WE ALL EXPERIENCE GRIEF to one degree or another.  Perhaps your relationship with departed was not a very close one- maybe you hardly knew one another OR maybe this person  was your partner, your spouse or someone else you cared deeply for and will miss dearly.  In either case, experiencing the passing away of someone within your personal circle is something to reckon with and understand.  This may be especially true if it is the first time you are experiencing a loss - yet, even members of the armed forces who engage in battles daily have to cope with loss of both viewing death of an enemy or a fellow soldier.  WE ARE HUMAN and there is no shame in having feelings.  Feeling are a natural part of what we are as loving people.

At Caring Harts Ministry, we have special approach to helping individuals and families through these difficult times.  Counseling sessions can be arranged to be made in person at our office or in your home (even by telephone call for those times when you can’t sleep at night).  We care enough to give you what you need in a professional counselor.  Counseling sessions are set up one at a time - you are not obligated to come to us any more times than you wish.  They typically last for about an hour each time or sometimes longer if this is set up as a group talk with family and others present.  If  you are reading this section because someone close to you has just recently passed on to their spiritual journey, then you may be undergoing any of a number of thoughts and emotions.  We can help you to deal with these emotions so that they do not get the better of you.  We want you to understand that tomorrow will come for you, the sun will rise and you will be here to experience a new day.  It is true that your loved departed will not be in a physical presence BUT this person WANTS you to enjoy the remainder of your life until you meet again as spirit.

You owe it to yourself and the one you love who has passed on to take advantage of it and talk to us.  Please, let us help you.  You are NOT alone, we are here to be with you!