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The “Couple - On- The Go” Wedding

This is our Economy Maximizer plan.  For couples wishing to get started enjoying their lives together, we perform this ceremony in our serene living area sitting day or night ( 24 hour notice required).  The service is a spiritual start to your lives together.  

The “Beautiful Beginnings” Wedding

For those wishing more than a typical service AT THE COURTHOUSE, you get a wonderfully tailored wedding ceremony  at the location of your choosing.  This 10 minute service is a joy to be a part of, tender at all the right moments & won’t make you nervous - we find it amazing how many of your friends experience this ceremony and call us to perform the same kind for  them.  Very modestly priced.

The “True Love”Wedding

Here is a Great choice for the couple who wants to choose their own vows and have a bit longer and more ceremonial fifteen minute service.  This wonderful for those groups of 20 - 50 people getting together at a restaurant, park, banquet facility outdoor area, family home, etc.  for  an intimate wedding of closest family and friends.

Ceremony Package 1