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The “Sweet & Elegant” Wedding

We like to refer to this as our contemporary couples’ solution for a wedding.  It is great for those wanting a civil or slightly religious (but not over-done ceremony) to take place over about a 22 minute period of time.  It leaves out the more religious and traditional ceremony features in favor of a streamlined wonderfully created experience.  This has become one of our most popular choices in recent years as couples opt away from the other longer versions of services.  Here our 75-125 person audience will love the ceremony you have in store for them because we provide a beautiful yet shorter version of the standard wedding package at a more affordable price (yet your guests will never see you are on a budget.)   There is a place for your favorite tradition, too (i.e. Candle Lighting, Sand Blending, Tree Planting: Tasting of the 3 Flavors of Love, etc.)

A “Lifetime of Memories” Wedding

This ceremony is nicknamed the Caring Harts Ministry Standard Wedding Package.  We review and discuss beforehand all the readings, prayers and features so the only surprises are good ones. You get 2 free Pre-Marital sessions included here and the opportunity to customize and add your favorite passages and vows to the service AND , we include the scheduling of an 1 ½ hour long rehearsal to ensure that everything works out perfectly and you can rest with complete peace of mind.  This 30 minute ceremony is what many couples think of a traditional wedding as being like (without the Mass attached) and is heralded as an outstanding ceremony by couples making their wedding nuptials at the finest hotels and banquet facilities available to them.  This is for those who want and expect the best…because that is exactly what you get.  Whether you are choosing an intimate gathering of 60 people or upward to 200+ guests, this ceremony WILL start your day off right and set the tone for a fantastic receptions afterwards.

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