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At Caring Harts Ministry, we realize that not every couple has a DJ or someone to play music during their wedding or other ceremony.  Still further are the situations when an outside wedding or banquet hall with high ceiling may make it a bit difficult for everyone to hear what is being said up front between the clergy person/officiant and the couple.

(1) The Sweetheart Music Maker

{Good for audiences up to 50 people}……Fee: just $95

Not only do we bring a super high quaility CD player with fantastic speakers but we bring along our classic and new release wedding and event music.  You can pick the songs to be played from 30 minutes before the service for your guests’ enterainment straight through to the recessional and for 20 minutes afterwards as guests are departing the ceremony area.  We will have a person responsible for setting up all the audio equipment and playing selections throughtout your ceremony cued at the appropriate times.  You can even have us play your CDs as well if you prefer.

(2) The Magical Memories Maker

{Good for audiences up to 350+ people}….Fee: ONLY $195

This is our top of the line PRO Audio equipment consisting of speakers that won’t need to strain to be heard, a whopping 250 Watt Amp with sound effects mixer, other goodies to keep the music romantic at the right moments and pumping as you jam down the isle afterwards.  We bring along our extensive audio collection and you’ll have a complete itinerary made so that you hear everything you want when you want.  Total amount of time for the ceremony allotment is a full two hours of coverage (that’s 30 minutes before, after plus enough time for an hour long ceremony from start to finish).

(3) The Romantic Dream Maker

{Good for audiences up to 350+ people}…..Fee:  SPECIAL OFFER $150

Let your audience hear what is being said [that’s what they come to the ceremony for listen].  If you are not having a DJ who will provide professional audio equipment for the celebrant to use, chances are that some of your guests many not hear the beautiful ceremony you have planned all these months for - it’s not your fault if there is road noise, wind or other distractions outside- nor can one help sound getting lost in big halls or from the clanking of dishes somewhere..BUT, you can create a much more welcoming experience for your guests (especially our hard of hearing aunt who may be setting toward the back row) as well as be heard better for folks running video.  This service includes a “clip on wireless microphone” for both the celebrant and groom plus a third microphone for use of any general announcement to come at the conclusion of the service.  Speakers and equipment used for package above also used here for maximizing sound and voice quality.

THREE Audio Solutions for your Wedding Day or other function……

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