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Getting The Best Wedding For Each Dollar Spent

By Rev. Bob Russell

You are now engaged. How many months is it until that wedding day? The closer it is, the more frequent that brides and grooms sometimes feel the pressure of getting things done fast and unfortunately spending far too much for those items or services that they want. In an effort to have the perfect wedding, they instead get into debt or find that some preferred features have to be downsized in order to still use that vendor or source. This doesn't have to be the case.

Good planning is the key and it doesn't matter how many weeks or months you have to deal with. The formula to properly assess your needs, desires and wishes remain the same. We can summarize by just saying "CHOICES". What are your choices for everything you want? There are many and unless you give yourself no options, the only option then becomes taking what you get and hoping for the best.

Choices come in two distinct forms. First, there is the choice of vendor (service or product provider). Second is the choice of products and services available by the vendor. A limited company to work with can only offer so much. You either take it or leave it. If you feel rushed into making a decision, then you take what you get and this often is not satisfying. The best sources for vendors are those who give multiple products or services within the category of what you are requiring for your special day.

For brides and grooms who want to have a truly memorable day filled with great times and having those special features that are important to them, the first step is to take your basic check list and write down every category of services and products wanted. Decide what the total price or cost of the wedding can be. Make sure you do not count on money coming from some source that is not 100% definite. Promises can create hurt feelings when the person does not deliver or cannot deliver on time to pay a bill. Look at each item and based on your reading of other sources, determine how much money should be spent in each area. Keep your categories broad at first and later you can make sub-groups to select specific features.

If we take for example, transportation to the ceremony and reception, we categorize all under, "transportation". Put a figure next to this. After each category is determined and it adds up to include a miscellaneous left over amount, then we have our starting point. From here, think about what you want, what is the main thing needed or desired.  Now, do some checking around for vendors to make sure you are alright on your budget. This will determine if you need to reconsider the option of transportation. Instead of a horse drawn carriage, you may select a limo or a private luxury car to pick you up. Also keep in mind that the duration of the service and amenities offered influence the price. So maybe you need only to rent it for the ceremony and not going to the reception. Maybe the wet bar is not a real necessity. Etc., Etc., Etc.

Having choices when working with a wedding vendor can accomplish getting you what you want without having to pay a higher than necessary cost for things that are not needed or important. Some package deals can be the best answer. They may offer the majority of your desires PLUS some extras that make it nicer all at an affordable price. Most importantly IS TO HAVE CHOICES. Make sure your wedding vendor has options, choices, flexibility and the ability to create or customize to your budget. Only then will you have the wedding of your dreams.