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Baptisms & Baby Naming

In the view of us here at Caring Harts Ministry, nothing is more precious and treasured than life.  Every new life deserves rejoicing, celebration and a commitment to love and support that new person into our world. AND each parent, grandparent as well as those friends and others who have made that decision to welcome and embrace this child should be commended for the dedication they demonstrate every moment of every day throughout the life of this growing child.

In the Christian faiths, we find that the Christening or Baptismal Service is the choice among most parents.  Others prescribing to one of any of the world’s other various religions prefer the “Dedication of Child” or “Naming” ceremony,   This is not the limit in terms of celebrating and welcoming a new person (child or adult).  There are subtitles and variations of these and other celebrations which involve a minister or other clergy person to complete the rites and officiate the event.

Celebrations vary also in terms of where you want to conduct the vent.  This may be in a private room a restaurant, in a banquet facility, a park, or your backyard, living room or other favorite place to hold a party.  No matter what your destination preference, be assured that we have the experience and dedication to make this day a truly pleasing and memorable.