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At Caring Harts Ministry, we embrace young people and the milestones that occur in their lives.  One such important time comes from the Aztec tradition that has passed down through the ages.  It is the “Quinceanera” or in other words, the celebration of a girl’s fifteen birthday.  This is a time when she leaves her childhood and becomes a young woman.  It marks a time when there are new responsibilities as a Christian woman and a re-affirmation of her beliefs and promises.  In the Latin community, this IS as important as a young woman’s wedding day.  

The Quince has a unique role during the service.  She comes forward to provide religious readings as well as to provide flowers to The Virgin Mary.  At Caring Harts Ministry, we provide two ceremony types to accommodate the needs of various families.  One ceremony is called the “The Emerging Quince”.  This is a 20 minute long ceremony and  is a bit more streamlined for families wishing for a shorter but nonetheless wonderful service.  The cost is simply $275 and like all  of our ceremonies, it can be done in  one’s back yard, at a park or other location of your choice .    The other ceremony is called “The Quinceanera Fairytale”.   This is outlined below and is considered the more traditional ceremony of the two choices.  Our fee for providing this ceremony is only $350  including use of the throne chair, giving of a deluxe keepsake certificate and other features.  For this service, we bring in a kneeling pillow and a throne chair that is upholstered in white and decorated in gold wood trim for picture taking and when she receives her blessed gifts.


Let’s take a look at “ The Quinceanera Fairytale”  {This is a Partial List - ask us for complete details}:

The Sponsors or Godparents (Padrinos) are escorted in to be seated in the front of the ceremony location

The Court of Honor (Damas and Chambelanes) walk in and take position at altar

The Honor Escort walks in with the Quince (she carries her bouquet) to the altar WHERE she kneels on her Satin Prayer Pillow

Minister’s Welcoming Words to the audience

A Time for Giving Thanks to God for all the family has received

The Quinceanera Now Accepts New Challenges

Quinceanera gives bouquet of flowers to The Virgin Mary Prayers of the Faithful

Quinceanera stands and recites a Scripture Reading - Jerermaih

Thanks Prayer and Blessing of the Gifts with Holy Water

Quinceanera sits in her Special Princess Throne Chair

Presentation of fGifts to Quinceanera by all madrinas

1)the Bible, 2)The 3 Roses 3)The watch, 4) The parasol, 5)The ring,  6) The bracelet, and  7) The Perfume Decanter - Each is explained as they are given by the “madrina” Quinceanera song of promise or recites a verse (typically prays out loud Psalm 119:33-48)

The Court of Honor attendants each give Quince a white rose or other flower (color of dress)

Mother carries Candle for Lighting (18 inch) at Altar and Prayer performed by Parents and Quinceanera

Minister Blessing