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Home Blessings

At Caring Harts Ministry, we receive many calls from people who are looking for a special blessing to be performed for the one reason or another.  For some, it is to resolve conflicts inside the home or business, others desire a cleansing of furniture or personal possessions, because of the nature of a client’s inquiry and personal need, all  blessing are somewhat different as they are personalized to you and your situation.  That means that different prayers, different passages, different service routines, etc. are used for fulfilling your wishes and accomplishing your requirements.

There are four circumstances which generally determine if a blessing is needed by you.  Those situations are: 1) An uneasiness, trouble or disturbance in the home or business or by a family member that comes up unexpectedly and without apparent cause, 2)As a preventative maintenance tool to enhance peace, harmony and well being, 3)  At the beginning of the new seasons or the Winter and Spring Equinox and , 4) Specific new happenings occurring in one’s life which includes a new marriage, death occurring in  a specific location, divorce, new baby, acquisition of estate or used furniture/items, substantial home remodeling etc.

Whether you are looking to sell a home faster, experiencing negative energies or have any other challenges which may require a special blessing performed, don’t let time slip by making things worse - call us right away.  We are here to Help!!!!